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Volunteers are essential to the vitality and well-being of our community.  The Lifetime Achievement Award for Outstanding Volunteerism recognizes and honours individuals who have made an exceptional contribution to our community through volunteerism during their lifetime.  Contributions may be made by volunteering time, knowledge, skills or resources.

Who IS Eligible?

▪  Nominees must have made a noteworthy and unpaid contribution to our community and the lives of others over a   significant period of time.

▪  Nominees (individuals only) must reside in Brant County, the City of Brantford, Six Nations of the Grand River Territory or Mississaugas of the New Credit First Nation.

Who is NOT Eligible?

▪  Group and Self nominations are not accepted.

▪  Posthumous nominations are not accepted. (An award may be presented posthumously only if an intended recipient’s death occurs after the selection of that individual has been determined by the Award Committee).

▪  Nominees cannot be previous Lifetime Achievement Award recipients.

▪  No elected/appointed federal, provincial or municipal representative may be nominated while in office.

▪  Members of the Lifetime Achievement Award Committee (including its subcommittees and working groups) are ineligible to be nominated while holding office within LAAOVC.

Who may Nominate?

Any individual/group may make a nomination.

How are the Recipients Selected?

A selection subcommittee reviews all nominations and recommends the recipient(s) to the Core Committee.  The decision remains the domain of LAAOVC (the Lifetime Achievement Award for Outstanding Volunteerism Committee) and is final.  Nominations are kept confidential.  All nominations received will be retained for 3 consecutive years (for future consideration should they be unsuccessful in the first or second year of submission).

When & How Often will this Award be Presented?

The Lifetime Achievement Award for Outstanding Volunteerism will be presented to a maximum of 4 residents from one or more of our communities once each calendar year in April, during National Volunteer Week.

Is There a Monetary Value to the Award?

The Lifetime Achievement Award is not a cash award.  The recipient(s) will receive a keepsake gift. A Legacy Fund (foundation account) will be established in the name of each recipient and will be administered by the Brant Community Foundation.  (For information about how the Legacy Fund investment benefits the community in perpetuity contact the Foundation by e-mail at info@brantcommunityfoundation.ca or by phone at 519-756-2499.)

How are the Award Recipients Notified?

A member of the Lifetime Achievement Award Committee will notify the award recipient(s) directly once a decision has been made.  A media release publicly announcing the identity of the recipient(s) will take place a minimum of 6 – 8 weeks prior to the annual Celebration Event; until that time this information remains confidential.

How do I Make a Nomination?

Each nomination shall include:

i) a completed and signed nomination form

ii) a detailed description (maximum 500 words) explaining why your nominee should receive the award Content may include: 

a) a detailed description of your nominee’s achievement(s)

b) what made this an outstanding contribution to our community

c) how long you have known the nominee

iii) supporting letters from at least two individuals who reside in the eligible area, other than the nominator

iv) additional materials such as publications which describe your nominees contributions, if available

v) a list of any awards, recognition or citations previously attained

Send or deliver the completed nomination package to:

                  Lifetime Achievement Award for Outstanding Volunteerism

                  c/o Brant Community Foundation                         

                  30 Brant Avenue

                  Brantford, Ontario   N3T 3G6

                  Phone:  519-756-2499       Fax:  519-756-2490       E-Mail:  info@brantcommunityfoundation.ca

Please note:  all materials must be submitted/printed as a complete package, unbound (no staples), single-sided and in 8.5” x 11” (letter size) format.  Failure to comply with these requirements will render the nomination ineligible.

When is the Deadline for Nominations?

Nominations MUST be received on or before December 1st.  Late nominations will not be accepted.

For More Information

If you have questions or would like more information visit our website at www.lifetimeachievementaward.ca or contact Derek Bond (Committee Chair) by telephone at 519-717-4125 or by email at derek.bond@sympatico.ca